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Farm Gallery

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Four Bird Farm resides on a couple acres near Grand Island, Oregon. We share our life with a band of furry creatures who always seem to have an opinion (or two) about what we're up to. None of them are short on personality and all of them are a big part of our daily operations.

Cabela: The farm boss who loves to make her position clear. Make no mistake - she runs the show and she will tell you ALL about it.


Daisy: The ultimate side-kick and friend-to-all with a heart of gold. Puddles and drinking from the hose in the summer are THE BEST THINGS EVER. Snuggles and snacks are her jam.

Bob: Enemy to young seedlings. Judgemental.  Continually over estimates his contributions
to the team.

Bob tude.jpg
sleepy chester.jpg

Gilly and Chester. The dynamic duo who inhabit the barn and observe all the schenanigans on the farm.

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